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Epoxy & Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea coatings:
When concrete polishing is not desired or not feasible, these two options can economically transform concrete, tile, or wood floors, from ordinary to special. In environments, where beauty, durability, & ease of maintenance are desired, epoxy or PAP is the answer. Proper floor preparation through grinding or shot blasting is key to either option.

Let's start with epoxy:
Stronger & harder than acrylics & urethanes, epoxies are an economical choice for durability & beauty. Infinite colors of vinyl chips, glass, or quartz can be broadcast into epoxy coatings as it's being applied. This can be done in single broadcast & clear topcoat, or double broadcast & clear topcoat (3 coats). There are many color blends from which to choose in any of these options, or custom blends can be achieved.

Another totally unique coloring technique, which can only be done with epoxy, is stained glaze or reflector coloring system. Both of these have infinite color combinations.

This process starts with a colored base coat. Now the exciting part! The next coat involves 2-3 different colors that are poured out at the same time; these colors move around and intermingle as the epoxy self levels. A clear topcoat is then applied. The end result is an amazing marbled appearance, which we can't even reproduce exactly, making your floor completely unique. Fun stuff!

Now let's get to Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea (PAP) coatings:
A little more expensive than epoxy, but unmatched in durability & UV resistance.

Colored vinyl chips, glass, or quartz can be broadcast in PAP the same way as epoxy. PAP can be clear or infinitely colored. Another benefit of PAP is its extremely fast cure time. A garage floor, for instance, can receive 2-3 coats in a day and be driven on the next day! PAP is not a good DIY project and should only be applied by experienced professionals. We have this experience & training to produce your new amazing floor!

One more option is a product called Skimstone:
Skimstone is a versatile product of building up colors through thin layers of troweled colored hybridized Portland cement. There are 10 colors with 50 shade choices, for unlimited coloring options. We start with a base color, troweled onto concrete. As you trowel, the Skimstone gains a marbled look. Then you trowel on 1 or 2 or 3 different colors or different shades of base coat color. We then apply Skimstone sealer or PAP for super gloss & durability. The end product is a super unique look all it's own.

Skimstone is also widely used with stencils, if a specific pattern or design, is desired.

Skimstone can also be applied over tile & laminate countertops, making it even more versatile.

Here are some pictures:

Click on the images below to view a larger display.

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Other Flooring Options
Epoxy-reflector Floor
Other Flooring Options
Epoxy-reflector Floor 2
Other Flooring Options
PAP & Quartz Broadcast
Other Flooring Options
PAP & Quartz Broadcast 2
Other Flooring Options
PAP Over Stamped Driveway
Other Flooring Options
PAP Over Tinted Overlay
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